Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Exquisite Corpse International

This year I was asked to play in the game... and the game was fun.  In the Exquisite Corpse game each artist is assigned a body section--head, neck to belly and legs.  No one knows who is doing what and what pieces will get assembled together.  On November 10, 2016 the art pieces were unveiled the Museum of Fine Arts in the form of a glorious art party and unveiling!   The pieces were displayed that night and then moved to Duncan McClellan glass for November's artwork... and now the Exquisite Corpse International 2015 & 2016 series are on display at the Chihuly Collection Gallery Friday November 25th 2016 until Sunday January 15, 2017!  

Here are some photos from that night, courtesy of Xina Scuderi,  Scuderi Studios and Exquisite Corpse International:

The Unveiling of my piece which includes head by Andrea Pawlisz, body by  James Michael McCracken and the legs by myself. 

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