Saturday, December 30, 2017

Last mural of the year...

Photo credit goes to Edel Mohr. She's working on a book documenting all the murals in St. Petersburg, FL.

This is my last mural for 2017.  It's been a great year and I hope to work on new mural projects for 2018.  Please contact me if you'd like a Kosharek Art mural and I'd be happy to make your mural dreams come true.  This one is located behind the Cafe 1001 and faces the CASA thrift shop main entrance.   I wrote "hang on to hope" on the neck of the flamingo for the women who might happen to look that way and need a message of hope.

There is also a special guest appearance of Bob the Robot by Mark Stevens.  I asked Mark to add Bob  for fun.

Like all my freestyle spray paint murals... I had a blast painting this one and would like to thank Frank, the owner of Cafe 1001.

Peace out, 2017.


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